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Since its 2007 inception, 25 cities have been honored with the coveted Driehaus Award for 21st Century Smart-Growth land development and building codes.  Nearly 1,000 cites so far have begun replacing obsolete zoning laws with holistic aesthetic, environmental friendly legal codes.


So how did our Uncluttered Oasis . . .


...become an honoree of the most coveted International Smart-Growth award in the world?

 By Mayor Napier’s single-minded commitment to    



Mayor Corey Napier won nearly 70% of the November 2014 vote as our citizens’ wholeheartedly embraced “Growth Without Regret.” Thompson’s Station would not become another Spring Hill, Franklin or Brentwood.

With a mandate from our citizens, Mayor Napier committed 2015 to the work of turning “Growth Without Regret” into a professionally developed “border to border” legal document.

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This World-Class, 21st Century consulting firm with 82 cities as their clients was chosen to guide us in the development of Form-Base-Codes as a vastly superior way to plan future growth.


Mayor Napier’s town staff and PlaceMakers began hosting extensive meetings with residents to share our hopes and dreams for Thompson’s Station. 

Our Collective Effort . . .

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And the Coded design expertise of PlaceMakers resulted in our becoming the 25th city in the world honored by the Driehaus Awards Board.


The Caboose Won!


Thompson’s Station became the first city in the world to adopt Smart-Growth-Codes from border to border.


“Growth Without Regret” does not mean NO Growth.

Our Int’l Awarding Winning Codes balances Residential and Commercial Growth in a way that is fiscally responsible, maintains green space and embraces our “rural hamlet” heritage.

“Villages Saves Pastures”

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On the other hand, our opposition loathes the Driehaus Award. They want you to believe that their obsolete vision is superior to the world’s leading experts on 21st Century land use.

Ask our critics to show you their Award Winning, World Class design to shape our future oasis growth . . . Oh . . .


...they don’t have one!

Thompson’s Station Does

This overview of our future, below, will thrill your heart.