Opportunities to Grow on Our Terms

Thompson’s Station is, in many ways, a “lone vista” in the midst of Williamson County.

We are one of the few communities still at the front edge of growth which leaves us in the unique position of deciding what we want our community to be. As you consider responses from the candidates to specific questions, consider how all the responses combine to present the vision the candidate has for our community and what our Town can become…



During his tenure, Mayor Napier has come to better understand the importance of the wastewater system to our town, and to it’s growth and future. He has ensured necessary repairs have been made to the system and has been at the forefront of ensuring the land necessary for drip fields to serve the system have been purchased.

Presently, our town is over committed on the number of sewer taps it has allocated to various projects. Our recent land purchase was critical to ensure the town could meet its present and future sewer tap obligations. Dilks, Shepard and Roberts tried to block the purchase of the land. The result would have been the town paying more money for the land purchase (assuming it was still available) after the stall tactics were exhausted.

Further, it would have placed the town in legal jeopardy if the additional capacity was not available for the homes currently ready to connect to the system. With the purchase of the additional drip land and the soon to be completed repairs to cell 1, our town will be able to fulfill the commitments we are required to meet.


Much has been made recently about transparency in our local government. However, none of the candidates taking this position have come out and said what problems exist.

Long before these hollow concerns were voiced, Mayor Napier believed it was important to hear from residents on issues that concerned them and over the past 4 years has taken action. The town has several measures in place to maintain transparency in the operation of town government. For one, the town is subject to the Tennessee Open Records Act and has developed a policy so that requests for public records can be provided to the public in accordance with the Act. The town is also subject to the Tennessee Open Meetings Act which requires certain meetings by town officials must be open to the public.

As part of that law, the town must provide public notice of all public meetings so that the public is aware of when various boards and commissions will be meeting and deliberating on matters affecting the town. Over the past 4 years the town’s website has been improved. At any given time, residents can go on line and learn about our elected officials. Any person can email or call any elected or appointed official to discuss matters of concern. At no time has our community been more transparent to it’s residents.


During the years that Mayor Napier has been in office, we have managed the town with a balanced annual budget and have been fortunate to create a surplus. This has afforded us the opportunity to keep property taxes the lowest in Williamson County and save money for capital expenditures.

However, we all recognize there are infrastructure updates and improvements needed in Thompson’s Station. From our Wastewater fund, we have made repairs to both wastewater cells and have purchased critical drip land to ensure we can meet our allocated commitments.

From the General Fund, we have taken on roadway improvements on Critz Lane, Pantall and Clayton Arnold roads and have other roadway needs planned that are important for the safety of our residents. Most of these projects have been budgeted and paid in cash. Others, like the widening of Critz Lane which is now underway initially had to be delayed because the town was not in financial position to have the work done. 

As we plan for the future of our town, Mayor Napier is leading the charge towards bringing additional commercial development which is needed for increased retail tax revenue. This tax revenue, along with the impact fees from commercial development, is critical for infrastructure construction, improvement and growth.

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